What is the difference between GLP and non-GLP studies conducted at ANTECH® GLP?

The primary difference is that non-GLP studies do not have the same level of Quality Assurance involvement as GLP studies. GLP studies are audited by Quality Assurance prior to issuance of final reports.

Are your assays qualified before use?

Yes, all assays conducted under GLP are qualified before use. Non-GLP studies may use assays that are not fully qualified. If a non-qualified assay will be used for a non-GLP assay, it will be communicated to the client before the start of the project or study.

Do you have species specific kits?

If available, species specific kits will be used. Not all assays have kits that have been developed for specific species. If a species specific kit is not available, a human based or other relevant kit will be qualified for the species of interest.

What are your specimen requirements?

Specimen requirements depend on the tests requested. Please see the test list for specific requirements.

Do you have a single point of contact for my study?

Yes, it study is assigned a Principal Investigator (PI) or single point of contact.

Do you receive samples on Saturday?

Yes, please follow the specific Saturday shipment instructions found on our website.

How soon do I receive results?

Turnaround time (TAT) varies depending on the test. Most routine chemistry and hematology tests are processed the same day of receipt with draft data being delivered the next business day. Non-routine assays have longer TAT depending on kit availability. Contact us if you have specific deadlines for data delivery.

Can I receive data electronically?

Yes, please contact us if you have specific requirements for electronic data delivery.

Are there forms required for sample submission?

Yes, please see our forms section of this website for sample notification and requisition forms.

What is done with the samples after processing?

Samples are destroyed following approved standard operating procedures. Samples may be stored or returned to the client upon request.

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